How to Get Started

Updated February 6, 2023

Hey all, Since the project has launched, we have heard from several members that it would be helpful to have a simplified document to help onboard members and be a singular source of truth. This is the attempt to do that. We will be updating this document periodically.

  1. Acquire Mech(s): Mint a Ticket on and then redeem it in the Claim tab. This is the process because we originally launched on Joepegs and had to migrate the contract. After you have minted your Mech on or have bought one off the secondary market, you will automatically start accumulating our native token Shirak (SHK).

  1. What is this screen? (Hint: the question marks are tool-tips if you forget.)

    1. Unbonded Supply: Amount of Shirak in circulation AKA not accumulating in wallets

    2. Deposited Shirak: How much is in your virtual savings account (SHK compounds while in it)

    3. Withdrawn Shirak: How much you have in your wallet, only withdraw if using an LP or sending to someone else.

    4. Emission Multiplier: Each Mech NFT has an emission multiplier ranging from 0.6 to 0.9. This multiplier shown is your TOTAL multiplier. Higher number is better, which means you will accrue tokens at a higher rate.

    5. SHK Minted Mechs: The number of Mechs minted by the community using only SHK. The price dynamically updates every time someone makes a purchase. If the demand is up, then the price goes up. If the demand goes down, then the price goes down.

    6. SHK Minted Arms: Same concept as with Mechs

  2. What are ARMs?

    These are NFTs that are used as currency to buy DMGs, which can be equipped to Mechs during PvP. Having ARMs means you can buy DMGs once they are released. If you do not have any, you will not be able to participate.

  3. How does SHK emission work?

    *Magic* Just kidding. There is a formula but the easy was to think about it is that there is a multiplier that compounds what you have already. Basically, the more you have, the more you will gain daily. It is a good idea to stack SHK but also to spend it when you can on resources you need.

If you have made it this far and are still interested, I would suggest reading the roadmap and the lightpaper to get an idea of what the full gameplay loop looks like.

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