Inner Planes

The five elemental domains.

The Inner Planes surround and enfold the Plane of Creation and its echoes, providing the raw elemental substance from which all the worlds were constructed. The five Elemental Planes—Air, Earth, Fire, Lightning, and Water—form a ring around the Material Plane, suspended within the churning Elemental Chaos.

At their innermost edges, where they are closest to the Material Plane (in a conceptual if not a literal geographical sense), the four Elemental Planes resemble a world in the Material Plane. The Four Elements mingle together as they do in the Material Plane, forming land, sea, and sky. Farther from the Plane of Creation, though, the Elemental Planes are both alien and hostile. Here, the elements exist in their purest form—great expanses of solid earth, blazing fire, crystal—clear water, and unsullied air.

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