The Fall of Atlantis

Description of the events leading up to the exile of the Demi-urge.

Since their creation, the pantheons of the Lumi and Demi-urge have been locked in a power struggle. The story is the same across an infinite number of worlds and realities. However, things changed when the Demi-urged started encroaching on Earth.

When the void was able to corrupt the Atlanteans, they succeeded in forever tarnishing hopium, which sent shockwaves throughout the Planes of Existence.

Atlantis was the first human civilization to weaponize hopium. Before then, magic had only been used in the pursuit of happiness and prosperity. The valuable magical resource was only used as a way to start a new industrial and engineering revolution that would enable the people to prosper during their endless battles with the Illithids. However, decades of strife had worn down the patience of the Atlanteans.

They gathered in secret, pondering a way to gain even more immense power. Tenebrae Morleere appeared in her human form and petitioned the civilization to invent new weapons that would fight back the hordes of darkness. The magic was weaponized through automatons and people began to develop a sense of hubris. The war would now turn in their favor, and they would burn the enemy to ash. What was meant to give them a source of truth and joy was twisted into machines of destruction. The armies the Atlanteans created were eventually stolen by a rogue faction that sought to overthrow the government and renounce the Lumi. Without realizing, they had committed the deadly sin of Pride while abusing the power of hopium. They thought they had become too big to fail.

Civil war erupted in the Atlantean society and a faction formed that wanted to betray the Lumi for the Demi-urge. The infighting and the lack of faith drained the Lumi of power just enough to leave an opening for the Demi-urge to destroy the oceanic people in one fell swoop.

The eternal corruption of hopium and the tipping of balance in favor of the Demi-urge forced the Creator to banish the void pantheon to a Demiplane of Suffering.

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